About Anastasiya

 From fashion photos, to portraits and even a behind the scenes session with legendary Jazz saxophonist David Sanborn, Anastasiya Sanchez's primary focus is people.  She can capture the subtle essence of a person at one session and create a complete fantasy scenario in another, but the bottom line is her photos are always memorable and captivating.  Anastasiya started taking photographs 5 years ago, mostly for her own amusement. Her first subjects were her dolls and stuffed animals. While they didn't complain, their range of expression was fairly limited she soon moved on to people. Her first model was herself. She honed her talent with lighting and staging with herself as the subject.  These photos got the interest of her friends and they were soon clamoring for her to photograph them.  From a core group of friend models her range of clients has expanded out by word of mouth and a nice collection of photos on flicker.com.     While occasionally dabbling in landscape Anastasiya has decided to concentrate on portraits and fashion photography. She avidly studies the works of currents photo giants and incorporates this knowledge into her own unique style.  In summer of 2011 she studied the fashion photography at the Parson Paris School of Art and Design.   2010 was a year for several major achievements. She won honorable mention in a nationwide photo contest, self published a book of her photos and had one of her photos published in the Crossroads Trading Co's 2011 calendar.    She uses Canon cameras, including the 5D and has a full complement of lights for all types of work. She primarily works in the digital format, but has various film cameras for specialty work. Thank you for taking the time to view her work, please enjoy.

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